Lecture 6 - February 18

Lecture 6 - February 18 - Lecture 6 MUS 103 February 18,...

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Lecture 6 MUS 103 February 18, 2009 Sections in an opera: Fundamento: 2 harpsichords, 2 flute organs, 1 reed organ Strings (Plucked): 2 chitarroms, 2 harps, 2 mandolins Strings: 12 violins, 3 bass viols, 2 “French” violins Winds & Brass (used for special effects in “infernal” scenes, decorative, in songs and dancing parts: 2 recorders, 2 cornetti, 3 tombe sordini, 5 tromboni, 1 clarino Seconda prattica (Second Practice): an approach to late Renaissance composition that made music subordinate to text. “The Harmony,” in the words of Monteverdi’s brother, “does not rule the words but is ruled. The words are the mistress of harmony.” Seconda prattica music is defined by greater freedom in the use of dissonance. Prima Prattica (First Practice): the predecessor to the seconda prattica, an approach to composition that emphasizes a perfection of harmony and the adherence to strict rules about the handling of dissonances. The music of Palestrina’s Pope Marcellus Mass is frequently cited as an example of Prima prattica. Opera: “big work”: a sung drama; a stage work whose actions and conversations are given to solo singers, groups of singers and choruses accompanied by an orchestra or an instrumental ensemble. Beginning of an opera: 1607, small town in Italy ruled by Gonzaga family. Gonzaga spent tons of
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Lecture 6 - February 18 - Lecture 6 MUS 103 February 18,...

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