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MUS 103 Readings B - to have it there. Schubert Remembered...

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MUS 103 Readings B “The Young Mozart as a Scientific Curiosity” - Mozart was a genius from the time he was very young “From Mozart’s Letters” - Mozart is frustrated by a talented student who can’t seem to compose the way he thinks she should. His father reminds him not everyone is as smart. “Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament” - Mozart tries to come to terms with his impending deafness. He doesn’t like to go out for fear others will realize his disease. “A Contemporary Portrait of Beethoven” - Beethoven had a contrasting personality of warmth and hostility. “The First Performance of Beethoven’s 9 th - Wanted the performance to be in Berlin but people of Vienna begged him
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Unformatted text preview: to have it there. Schubert Remembered by a Friend- From the Writings of Berlioz The Program of the Sumphonie Fantastic From the Writings of Schumann From the Writings of Wagner Debussy & Musical Impressionism Musical Expressionism The Death of Tonality? Arnold Schoenberg on Composition with 12 Tones The Rite of Spring From the Writings of Charies Ives Music & the Social Conscience The Mast of Organized Sound The Music of Chance Minimalism Millenniums End A Glimpse of the Future?...
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