ECE 2B Lab Report 3

ECE 2B Lab Report 3 - Lab Experiment 3 Transistors at DC...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab Experiment 3 Transistors at DC Joseph Marcus (8679987) Tuesday 5:00-7:50 P.M Joseph Marcus 07/14/2009 ECE 2B Lab #3 Tuesdays 5:00-7:50 Experiment Title : Transistors at DC Introduction and Objective : This lab will explore the basic properties of three types of transistors: JFETs, BJTs and MOSFETs. The goal is to learn to use these devices and their current-voltage characteristics and to learn how to configure proper circuit biasing conditions. In other words, the purpose of this lab is to teach how to bias transistors correctly. Experimental Procedure and Data : 3.1 Depletion-mode FETs (JFET) The JFET 2N5485 which is an n-channel depletion mode-device. This is used to construct a biasing circuit in the lab manual. Two power supplies are used so that the gate and drain voltages can be controlled. Since this is a JFET, the gate voltage is negative with respect to source and the drain source current is regulated using the DMM. V gs is set to 0V while V ds is slowly increased to 10V. After turning up the drain voltage to 10V, the gate voltage is decreased to -2.99V until the current was 0.01 mA. Several data points were collected and the I-V curves for I ds vs. V gs were collected with varying V ds values ranging from 0V to 15V. The curve looks like this: Vds= Vgs=0V Vgs=-0.5V Vgs=-1V Vgs=-1.5V Vgs=-2.82V 0V-0.08 mA-0.07 mA-0.05 mA-0.04 mA-0....
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ECE 2B Lab Report 3 - Lab Experiment 3 Transistors at DC...

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