Class note - Quality statement Conestoga College is...

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Quality statement Conestoga College is committed to continually seek opportunities for improvement to our product to meet or exceed the requirements pf our valued customers 4. Quality system CC will develop and implement a QMS based on the requirements of ISOS 9001 and 2000 Objective: (how do we measure the policy?) 1. Develop and approve by senior management a quality manual that include all the requirements of the standard 2. All document related to quality must be distributed on a control bases 5. Management responsibility Assign the responsibilities of all personnel whose function may impact the quality of the product, ensure that the QMS is implemented and effective Objective: Define the responsibilities and authority for faculty member 6. Resource management policies The policy of the college is to ensure that all the necessary resources are provided in a timely manner Objective 50% of class room have installed computer installed with word processing Product realization Prior to acceptance of a contract authorized personnel shall review the
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This note was uploaded on 12/03/2009 for the course MECHANICAL ieng3000 taught by Professor Martin during the Spring '09 term at Conestoga.

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Class note - Quality statement Conestoga College is...

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