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DEQSolutions Inc. Engineering Exemplified  Self-Critique Mesay Desta Group member This project was fun to work on. There were a lot of interesting interactions among group member while developing different concept, trying out different ideas and learning from each other. The research stage of this project was relatively short. My participation was really limited here. The brainstorming stage was the fun part of this project. I have seen creativity of my group members. At some point I had a problem to express my ideas to the group members. This is some thing I need to work on in the future. After discussing on different
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Unformatted text preview: concept and agreed the method to proceed with, each member work on his part. On my part, I worked on design and construction of the winch. Relatively, this was the easier component to build. I did most of the documentation work in this report starting the generating the outline. As a recorder, I did most of the conceptual sketches during brain storming. One improvement I would like make in the future is to finish the report way a head of time so that I will get time to edit my report. Mesay Desta, Thomas Elliot, Martin Queckenstedt, Ellen H. Song,...
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