wsj_0054 - (NNS shovels(S(NP-TMP(JJ Last(NNP...

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( (S (NP-SBJ (NP (NNP Furukawa) (NNP Co.) ) (PP (IN of) (NP (NNP Japan) ))) (VP (VBD said) (SBAR (-NONE- 0) (S (NP-SBJ (PRP it) ) (VP (MD will) (VP (VB acquire) (NP (NP (NP (CD two) (NN construction) (NN machinery) (NNS plants) ) (CC and) (NP (DT a) (NNS sales) (NN unit) )) (PP-LOC (IN in) (NP (NNP France) )) (VP (ADVP-TMP (RB formerly) ) (VBG belonging) (PP-CLR (TO to) (NP (NP (NNP Dresser) (NNP Industries) (NNP Inc.) ) (PP (IN of) (NP (DT the) (NNP U.S.) ))))))))))) (. .) )) ( (S (NP-SBJ (DT The) (NN company) ) (VP (VBD said) (SBAR (-NONE- 0) (S (NP-SBJ-1 (PRP it) ) (VP (VBD made) (NP (DT the) (NN purchase) ) (SBAR-TMP (IN in) (NN order) (S (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *-1) ) (VP (TO to) (ADVP-LOC (RB locally) ) (VP (VB produce) (NP (ADJP (RB hydraulically) (VBN operated) )
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Unformatted text preview: (NNS shovels) ))))))))) (. .) )) ( (S (NP-TMP (JJ Last) (NNP October) ) (, ,) (NP-SBJ (DT the) (NN company) ) (ADVP (RB also) ) (VP (VBD bought) (NP (NP (DT a) (JJ wheel-loader) (NN manufacturing) (NN plant) ) (PP-LOC (IN in) (NP (NP (NNP Heidelberg) ) (, ,) (NP (NNP West) (NNP Germany) ) (, ,) ))) (PP-DIR-CLR (IN from) (NP (NNP Dresser) ))) (. .) )) ( (S (NP-SBJ (NNP Furukawa) ) (VP (VBD said) (SBAR (-NONE- 0) (S (NP-SBJ (NP (DT the) (NN purchase) ) (PP (IN of) (NP (DT the) (JJ French) (CC and) (JJ German) (NNS plants) ))) (ADVP (RB together) ) (VP (MD will) (VP (VB total) (NP (NP (QP (RB about) (CD 40) (CD billion) ) (NNS yen) ) (PRN (-LRB- -LRB-) (NP (QP ($ $) (CD 280) (CD million) ) (-NONE- *U*) ) (-RRB- -RRB-) ))))))) (. .) ))...
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This note was uploaded on 12/03/2009 for the course LIGN 7 taught by Professor Kehler during the Winter '08 term at UCSD.

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wsj_0054 - (NNS shovels(S(NP-TMP(JJ Last(NNP...

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