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wsj_0057 AE - ( (S (NP-SBJ (NNP LSI) (NNP Logic) (NNP +A1...

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Sheet1 Page 1 ( (S (NP-SBJ (NNP LSI) (NNP Logic) (NNP +A1 +A3 Corp.) ) (VP (VBD reported) (NP (NP (DT a) (NN surprise) (ADJP (QP ($ $) (CD 35.7) (CD million) ) (-NONE- *U*) ) (JJ third-quarter) (JJ net) (NN loss) ) (, ,) (PP (VBG including) (NP (NP (DT a) (JJ special) (NN restructuring) (NN charge) ) (SBAR (WHNP-145 (WDT that) ) (S (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *T*-145) ) (VP (VBZ reflects) (NP (NP (DT a) (VBG continuing) (JJ industry-wide) (NN slowdown) ) (PP-LOC (IN in) (NP (NN semiconductor) (NN demand) )))))))))) (. .) )) ( (S (PP-TMP (IN In) (NP (NNP September) )) (, ,) (NP-SBJ +S1 (DT the) (JJ custom-chip) (NN +A6 maker) ) (VP (VBD said) (SBAR (-NONE- 0) (S (NP-SBJ (NP (JJ excess) (NN capacity) ) (CC and) (NP (VBG lagging) (NNS billings) )) (VP (MD would) (VP (VB result) (PP-CLR (IN in) (NP (NP (DT an) (VBN estimated) (ADJP (QP ($ $) (CD 2) (CD million) (TO to) ($ $) (CD 3) (CD million) ) (-NONE- *U*) ) (JJ net) (NN loss) ) (PP (IN for) (NP +N (DT the) (JJ third) (NN +A2 quarter) ))))))))) (. .) )) ( (S (CC But) (NP-SBJ-4 (NN company) (NNS officials) )
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Sheet1 Page 2 (VP (VBD said) (NP-TMP (NN yesterday) ) (SBAR (IN that) (S (NP-SBJ-2 (PRP they) ) (VP (VBD decided) (S (NP-SBJ-3 (-NONE- *-2) ) (VP (TO to) (VP (VB take) (NP (NP (DT a) (ADJP (QP ($ $) (CD 43) (CD million) ) (-NONE- *U*) ) (JJ pretax) (NN charge) ) (PP (IN for) (NP +S2 (DT the) (NN +A4 period) ))) (S-PRP (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *-3) ) (VP (TO to) (VP (VB cover) (NP (NP (DT a) (NN restructuring) ) (PP (IN of) (NP (JJ world-wide) (NN manufacturing) (NNS operations) )))))))))))) (, ,) (S-ADV (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *-4) ) (VP (VBG citing) (NP (NP (NP (JJ extended) (NN weakness) ) (PP-LOC (IN in) (NP +M3 (DT the) (NN market) ))) (CONJP (RB as) (RB well) (IN as) ) (NP (DT a) (NN decision) (S (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *) ) (VP (TO to) (VP (VB switch) (PP-CLR (TO to) (NP (ADJP (JJR more) (JJ economical) )
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wsj_0057 AE - ( (S (NP-SBJ (NNP LSI) (NNP Logic) (NNP +A1...

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