PSL TRIAL QUIZ - It is dependent on complementary base...

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PSL TRIAL QUIZ – Ch. 1-4 September 6, 2007 A cation 2. A hydrogen bond A. is the bond found in all sugar molecules B. tends to form between water molecules C. contains only carbon and hydrogen atoms D. is hydrophobic E. depends on non-polar molecules 3. DNA A. is a single stranded polymer. B. consists of two identical strands of polynucleotide. C. consists of two complementary strands of polynucleotide. D. is a polymer of amino acids. E. is directly transcribed into protein. 4. Which of the following is FALSE for the process of transcription? A. RNA polymerase binds to a promoter region. B. An RNA copy is made of a DNA template. C.
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Unformatted text preview: It is dependent on complementary base pairing of nucleotides. D. It occurs by a semi-conservation replication process E. All of the above are true of transcription, none are false A. is a positively charged ion B. is a negatively charged ion C. has only a single charge, plus or minus D. is exemplified by Cl- ion E. none of the above 5. This diagram shows the process of _______ and the structure on the left is called a _________. A. transcription, ribosome complex B. replication, spliceosome C. mRNA splicing, polymerase D. translation, transcriptome E. translation, polysome...
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PSL TRIAL QUIZ - It is dependent on complementary base...

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