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Gastro-Intestinal Physiology Questions from last year. 1. Secondary active transport is an essential process in intestinal epithelial cells for the absorption of: a. glucose b. fructose c. water d. all electrolytes e. all of the above are correct 2. Lacteals and the lymph are important for transporting which of the following from the intestinal tract? a. chylomicrons b. glucose c. proteins d. vitamin B12 e. carbohydrates Use this information for the next two questions. Due to a cancerous tumor a female patient has her ileum surgically removed. Six months after her recovery she complains that she always is tired and clinical tests show that her red blood cell count is low. 3. Which of the following most likely explains why she is tired. a. inadequate absorption of carbohydrates b. vitamin C deficiency c. inadequate absorption of protein and amino acids d. vitamin B12 deficiency e. all of the above are correct 4. For this patient, there will be an increase in bile a. salts in the feces b. acid levels in the portal venous blood c. acid synthesis in the liver d. acid levels in the hepatic venous blood
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GI_Exam_Questions - Gastro-Intestinal Physiology Questions...

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