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1 Date: Sept. 17, 2008 To: Students in PSL 7010 From: Doug Yingst Subject: Preparing for the upcoming exam How to study for the exam: 1. Learn mechanisms. Physiology is about how the body functions. Cell physiology has the goal of understanding how basic cellular functions can be understood based on their underlying chemistry and physics. 2. Read and understand the summaries at the end of each lecture. These summaries point out the important concepts that form the basis for the material I covered. 3. If you have time go over the optional problems. You will not be tested on these directly, but going through them will help you understand the material. 4. Go over the sample exam questions. I will often ask you to link concepts together to get the correct answer, so don’t always expect to immediately recognize the answer. When the answer is not immediately obvious, just start to reason through the problem using the concepts that you have studied. Don’t panic. The correct answer is there. 5. Do not spend a lot of time memorizing equations. Most of the equations presented in the lecture notes were included to help show you which factors are important in determining the rate at which a certain process occurs and how these factors relate to each other. 6. However, Memorize the simplified version of the Nernst equation, so that you can calculate equilibrium potentials for the common ions. Know how to calculate the driving forces for each of the ions and be able to determine how the driving force on ions is affected by the membrane potential. Know the units for osmotic concentration and how to calculate the contribution a given salt makes to the total osmotic concentration based on its molar concentration. Do not memorize values for φ , because this is a minor correction. Know how to predict the direction the membrane potential changes as a
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ExamPrepYingst - Date: Sept. 17, 2008 To: Students in PSL...

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