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PHYSIOLOGY QUESTIONS RESPIRATORY: these are the questions he puts up during the lecture not the long list of ones on blackboard. I typed them out so you could have them all together. Then at the end of this are main concepts to be sure to know, and a little note about Renal. Good luck. 1. The VRG group a. Located in Pons b. Comprised of Inspiratory and expiratory neurons c. Solely expiratory neurons d. Has axons that descend down spinal cord and synapse primary on motor neurons located in cervical region of spinal cord e. answer: b 2. The phrenic nerve a. Originates from motor neurons located in the thoracic region of spinal cord b. Innervates external intercostal muscles c. Is normally activated during expiration d. Relieves phasic inspiratory input form neurons located in region of DRG e. All of the above Answer: d 3. Expiratory muscles include a. The internal intercostal muscle b. The external intercostal muscle c. Sternocleidomastoid muscle d. Diaphragm Answer: a 4. Respiratory rhythm generates by network or pacemaker Adults respiratory rhythm generated by network as the neonates rhythm is generated my pacemaker 5. In response to pneumothroax a. Chest wall expands b. The intrapleural pressure becomes zero c. Lungs expand d. Chest wall contracts e. f. all of the above answer: e 6. Given that the surface tensions in both alveoli are equal and surfactant was not produced by type II epithelial cells the direction of airflow in the diaphragm above would be from
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Answer: smaller alveoli to larger alveoli 7. Where does respiratory zone occur? Answer: generation #17-23
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