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EE6390syllabus - The University of Texas at Dallas Course...

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Course Syllabus Page 1 The University of Texas at Dallas Course Syllabus COURSE INFORMATION Course Number: EE6390 Course Title: Introduction to Wireless Communications Systems Term: Spring 2009 PROFESSOR CONTACT INFORMATION Name: Murat Torlak, Associate Professor Phone Number: 972-883-4624 Office Location: ECSN 4.908 Office Hours: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Tuesday Email Address: [email protected] Website: www.utdallas.edu/~torlak COURSE PRE-REQUISITES, CO-REQUISITES, and/or OTHER RESTRICTIONS Prerequisites: EE3350 and basic probability. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces a brief overview of current wireless systems and standards. Characterize the wireless channel, including path loss for different environments, random log-normal shadowing due to signal attenuation, and the flat and frequency-selective properties of multipath fading are examined. Simple digital modulation techniques and their performance under wireless channel impairments and diversity techniques to improve the wireless link quality are investigated. The course will also study the multiple access capabilities of spread spectrum, multicarrier modulation and a brief overview of wireless networks, including multiple and random access techniques, WLANs, and cellular system design STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES/OUTCOMES 1. Large-scale propagation effects 2. Small-scale propagation effects (Multipath fading) 3. Prediction of the radio cell coverage 4. Basic digital modulation techniques used in wireless communications 5. Performance of basic digital modulation techniques over wireless channels 6. Diversity techniques to mitigate the effect of multipath fading 7. Basic principles of multiple access methods 8. Basic code division multiple access (CDMA) methods 9. Cellular system design and cellular capacity analysis
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Course Syllabus Page 2 REQUIRED TESTBOOK and MATERIALS Textbook: Wireless Communications by Andrea Goldsmith, Cambridge Univ. Press Course Materials: Slides and presentations from the course web-page. ASSIGNMENTS & ACADEMIC CALENDER Date Subject Homework Due 12-Jan Overview of Wireless Communications 14-Jan Large Scale Path Loss 19-Jan MLK Day (No class) 21-Jan Log-normal Fading/Cell Coverage Prediction Assignment 1 26-Jan Time Variant Channel Model 28-Jan Small Scale Fading/ LCR and AFD Assignment 2 2-Feb Channel Correlation Functions 4-Feb Wideband Channel Models Assignment 3 9-Feb Wideband/MIMO Channel Models 11-Feb MIMO Channel Models Assignment 4 16-Feb Wireless Channels 18-Feb Wireless Channels 23-Feb Test I 25-Feb Performance of Digital Modulation in Fading Assignment 5 2-Mar Adaptive Modulation 4-Mar Adaptive Modulation Assignment 6 9-Mar Diversity Techniques 11-Mar MIMO Assignment 7 16-21 Mar Spring Break 23-Mar MIMO 25-Mar MIMO Assignment 8 30-Mar Test II 1-Apr Multiple Access Techniques 6-Apr Multiuser Diversity 8-Apr CDMA Techniques Assignment 9 13-Apr OFDM 15-Apr OFDMA Techniques Assignment 10 20-Apr OFDMA Techniques 22-Apr Cellular System Design Assignment 11 27-Apr Cellular System Design 29-Apr Wireless Standards Assignment 12 4-May Test III 8-May
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