Experiment 1 instrument familiarization

Experiment 1 instrument familiarization - Experiment 1:...

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Experiment 1: Instrument Familiarization Lab Report By Joe Doyle For Prof. Dick, JEE3310 Lab Partners: Seth Bartnik Ryan Mason Part 1: Ocsilloscope Rise Time Measurements Rise Time and Percent Overshoot Rise Time (ns) % Overshoot A 10 36 B 5 4.75 C 3.5 2.7 D 15 31.25 E 8 11.9 F 3.5 13.25 G 4 0.8 Q: Discuss your conclusions from this data. A: Steps A through G were meant to compare various connection techniques, measure rise time, and percent overshoot. Steps A through C utilize banana plug, BNC, and 50 Ohm termination connections. Our signal continues to become clearer as we approach step C. Step C was the best connection method using the 50 Ohm termination and BNC jacks. A very similar pattern follows
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in steps D through G using a 10x probe and various connection methods. It is clear from the scope captures and the data chart that step G had the best connection, which utilized the probe- tip-to-BNC adapter. This grounds the probe ground ring directly to the BNC shell, and it is apparent that a good path to ground will produce a clean signal. Q: What is the signal current return path for this measurement (Part D)? A: If you look at the scope capture for part D, it is obviously our most distorted signal. We are instructed not to connect the ground for the 10x probe. It is impossible to tell what the current return path is for this measurement. Since there is no ground, then the current is forced to find any possible way to return to earth. This creates a skewed signal and is undesirable. Q: What is the function generator Sync output rise time specification? A: I searched throughout the manuals from http://ese.wustl.edu/class/labs and could not find any information to answer this question. Q: What is the scope rise time specification? A:
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Experiment 1 instrument familiarization - Experiment 1:...

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