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History- final exam - History Test Section I explorers and...

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History Test Section I explorers and colonizers - Colonists o Swedes- founded Delaware (1838) o Wm. Penn- founded Pennsylvania as proprietary colony (Quakers) o Berkley and Cartteret- founded New Jersey and South Carolina o Ogelthorpe- founded Georgia o Calavert Family- Maryland o John Mason- founded New Hampshire o Roger Williams- founded Rhode Island - Explorers o For Spain Columbus (Italian) Balboa- sails through (discovers pacific ocean) Magellan- (Portugese)- goes to southern tip of south America (Cape Horn) Cortez- lands in with the Aztecs- puts a Spanish flag in Mexico Pizzaro- goes to South America- deals with the Inca’s in Peru Desoto and Coronado- go to US- Mississippi River o For England Cabot (Italian)- drops Flag in N. America Frobisher Raleigh Drake o For France Verrazano (Italian)- N.W. passage Cartier- N.W. passage- winds up in China, Quebec (New France) Champlain o For Portugal Cortereal Diaz Degama Cabral o For Holland Hudson Blok- Block Island Bronx- NY, Dutch and English background Section II Colonies 1. Delaware- a. Founder- Swedes
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b. Development- 1638: (Fort Christina) absorbed by Dutch, captured by England, merged with Pennsylvania, separate by 1703 2. Pennsylvania a. Founder- William Penn b. Development- 1681: Proprietary (Society of Friends= Quakers) 3. New Jersey a. Founder- Berkeley and Carteret b. Development- 1664 Claimed by Pennsylvania and New York 4. Georgia a. Founder- Ogelthorpe b. Development- 1733 Penal colony, no slavery 5. Connecticut a. Founder- Massachusetts emigrants b. Development- Hartford, Windsor, Wethersfield, New Haven, and Saybrooke; 1635: Corporate 6. Massachusetts a. Founder- Separatists and Puritans b. Development- Plymouth and Boston Merged together 1620, 1630 7. Maryland a. Founder- Calavert Family b. Development- St. Mary’s Proprietary 1632 (Catholic) 8. South Carolina a. Founder- Berkeley and Carteret et al???? b.
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History- final exam - History Test Section I explorers and...

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