History- paper outline

History- paper outline - Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) served...

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Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) - served the US for over 60 years - longest secretary of the treasury 13 yrs o Jefferson and Madison administrations - Early life- Geneva, Switzerland o Orphaned early in life o Met Voltaire on several occasions o Fled Genva with a friend for the US American colonists against the british inspired him o Tutored students at Harvard in French o John Marshall, soon to become one of the most famous chief justices in supreme court history asked Galltin to become a student at his new law office----turned down o Patrick Henry took liking to gallatin – said he was “sensible and well informed o Gallatin of himself- “even temper” and “not altered by time or politics “ o Went to Penn and set himself up as a surveyor, met Gorge washinton who was looking for the best route for opening a road across the Allegany Mt.’s- Gallatin shouted that the best route was obvious and pointed at the map Washington was unsure and went back to look at the map and realized Gallatin was right—he invited gallatin to stay for future discussions o With inheritance purchased 400 acre tract of land- Friendship hill Had a wife, she died - Struggle over ratification of the constitution- got him into his county politics (Fayette) He attended a meeting called to select delegates o Elected as the second delegate Went to state constitutional convention Made great speeches quoting voltaire and rousseau o Sponsored bills to reform penal codes, abolish slavery, and enhance public education o Hated Debt in private and public life Public debt ideas different from Hamilton who thought properly managed debt to be a “blessing” o Bank of Pennsylvania with his backing gained a charter o Married a woman Hannah Nicolson with republican connections Filled a seat in the US senate However he attacked Hamilton in a pamphlet he wrote Hamilton got him removed b/c he was a foreigner who didn’t live long enough in the US - Hamilton imposed excise tax on whiskey o Unpopular with Fayette county- major distillers
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History- paper outline - Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) served...

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