History Test 4 - History Test 4 Washington and Adams...

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History Test 4 Washington and Adams Administration Election of 1789 o Washington 69 o Adams 34 Establishing the system “Each state shall appoint” The system works - Washington Administration 1 (April 30 sworn in, May 5 tennis court oath) o “so help me God” Organizing the new gov’t Establish new departments o Secretary of State- Thomas Jefferson o Secretary of War- Henry Knox o Secretary of the Treasury- Alexander Hamilton o Head of the Post Office- Samuel Osgood o Attorney General- Edmund Randolph Adjust the national debt Establish fiscal responsibility Hamilton’s fiscal Plan o Funding Pay off bonds o Assumption Plan where the Federal Government would assume all debts incurred by the states during the Revolution and pay them o Banking Bank of the United States- (Jefferson opposed- too much power for central gov’t), Hamilton argued the constitution gave the right to Tax and they needed somewhere to hold revenues- The Bank o Excise Tax Differences in Opinion leads to rift, factions, party- of Finances
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o Foreign Affairs Neutrality with England and France who had a series of long wars o Succession Election of 1793 o Washington 132 o Adams 77 o Clinton 50 o Others (Jefferson 4, Burr 1) - Washington Administration 2 (15 states) o January 1793- Royal Executions o Foreign affairs- The French Revolution o Neutrality o Citizen Genet A French diplomat that was sent to the United States to secure American aid for France in it’s war with Britain, he disobeyed Washington by using American Pirates to capture British vessels in US costal waters The Jacobins took control in France over the Girondists, Genet’s group, he been ordered to be handed back over to the Jacobins but Washington disagreed- Neutrality o England o Domestic: Whiskey Rebellion A tax on corn liquor, Penn farmers who used the excess corn to distill into Whiskey refused to pay the tax, Washington sent collectors who were met by armed frontiersmen, Washington sent militia to collect and the rebellion collapsed o Jay’s Treaty - secured British evacuation of the frontier forts, agreed to evacuate NW Territory, and refer debt and boundary disputes to settle by joint British and US Commissions o Pinckney Treaty - works out pressure in the south with Spain, agreement between Spain and the United States, U.S. citizens were accorded free
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History Test 4 - History Test 4 Washington and Adams...

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