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MIS Midterm Review - MIS Midterm Review Characteristics of...

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MIS Midterm Review - Characteristics of an Information system o Store, process and disseminate information o Process data into information and knowledge Data - things that are recorded and stored but not organized Information - data that’s organized to convey a specific meaning Knowledge - data and/or information that has been organized and processed to convey understanding, experience as they apply to a business problem - IT Components o Hardware - processor, monitor, key board, and printer. Together the devices accept data and information process them and display them o Software - program or a collection of programs that enable the hardware to process data o Database - collection of related files or table containing data o Network - a connecting system (wireline or wireless) that permits different computer to share resources o Procedures - set of instructions about how to combine the above components in order to process information and generate the desired output o People - those individuals that use the hardware, software and interface with it or up its output - IT Architecture - a high level map or plan of the information assets in an organization. Guide for current operations and ideas for future development, integrates the entire organizations needs for information - IT Infrastructure - Physical facilities, IT components, services and personnel that support the organization - Friedman’s Flatteners o Fall of the Berlin Wall, Netscape, Development of workflow software, uploading, outsourcing, off shoring, supply chaining, in sourcing, informing, Steroids Contributed to the emergence of era 3.0 and the flat world Its flat because of the global web based platform - Business Pressures - Organizations must compete in this challenging environment, companies must react to problems and opportunities - The business environment is combination of social, legal, economic, physical and political factors that affect business activities. o Market Pressures
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Changing workforce- diversified, increased number of women, single parents, minorities and people with disabilities are working in all types of positions Global and Strong Competition- global web based platform, agreements like NAFTA o Technology Pressures Innovations- new and improved technologies Information overload- the amount of info on the internet doubles every year, to make good decisions must navigate through the information o Social-Political-Legal Pressures Social Responsibility- state of the physical environment, contributions to communities and education (digital divide- space between those that have information and those that do not Govt regulation and deregulation- regulations regarding health, safety, environment control, and equal opportunity Protection against terrorist attacks, ethical issues - Organizational responses- responding to business pressures by implementing IT o Strategic systems- provide organizations with an advantage that enable them to increase their market share and/or profits
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MIS Midterm Review - MIS Midterm Review Characteristics of...

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