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Thl- Chapt 1 questions - ECTGQ1 Name Michael Lepri R.L....

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ECTGQ1 Name Michael Lepri R.L. Wilken, Early Christian Thought: Seeking the Face of God Chapter 1: Founded on the Cross of Christ Guide Questions 1. What is the source of Christian strength according to St. Leo the Great? Mystery of the cross of Christ 2. Christians were distinct and different from two major groups of people. Name the two. a. Jews b. Gentiles 3. What effect did it have on the life of a convert to Christianity? Did a convert have to abandon anything in order to accept the Way of Christ? a. b. Abandoned a way of life that has been practiced for generations, rending the social fabric that bound family and neighborhood and city 4. In the eyes of both Jews and Gentiles, what kind of life was the Way of Christ? Alien way of life, a seemingly disdainful of custom and tradition and making extravagant claims about a man who had lived once recently 5. Early Christian thinking had to deal with the criticisms against Christianity made by both Jews and Pagans. What else guided Christian thought in the first centuries of the religion? The want to learn more about the mystery of Christ, to know and to understand what happened at church and to answer the critics of the Christian faith 6. According to Wilken, what dimension was very important for Christian thinking that made it different from earlier pagan thought? They sought to understand and explain things 7. Name the three areas that formed Christian thought. a. Response to the facts of revelation b. The language and imagry of the Bible c. Life and worship of the Christian community with a social dimension that was missing in the past A Fire in the Soul 8. Give examples of early Christian literature that was meant to inform the Christian community about itself. a. Gospels b. Epistles written by St. Paul 1
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c. Letters of Bishops d. Sermons e. Aid to regulate the life of the early Christian community f. Account of the martyrdom of an old Bishop 9. What term is used for Christian writers who sought to explain the beliefs and practices of Christians to the Jews or Pagans? The Apologists 10. What did Pliny think of Christianity? Pliny, a Roman governor in Asia Minor thought that Christianity was a “depraved
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Thl- Chapt 1 questions - ECTGQ1 Name Michael Lepri R.L....

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