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Thl- Chapt 4 questions - ECTGQ4 Name Michael Lepri R.I...

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ECTGQ4 Name Michael Lepri R.I. Wilken, Early Christian Thought: Seeking the Face of God Chapter 4: Seek His Face Always Guide Questions 1. What was discovered by British soldiers south of Cairo in 1941? A bundle of ancient papyrus rolls under the sand, containing writings of several early Christian thinkers including Origen of Alexandria and the Didymus the Blind of Alexandria 2. Why was Origen called upon to dialogue with Heraclides? (81) Some of the bishops had doubts about Heraclides’ orthodoxy and invited Origen to explain some of the issues 3. What was Origen’s initial concern when he began to question Heraclides? Concerned the relation between Jesus and God 4. Did Heraclides believe in one or two Gods? Yes, but thought the power is one 5. Why would the expression “two Gods” be so objectionable theologically? Because Christianity, like Judaism held a belief in one God and a rejection of polytheism 6. Why did the Emperor Constantine call a council in 325? He had recently become a Christian and envisioned the church as a unifying force in the empire, also wanted to end Christian persecution 7. Why was it necessary for the general council of Constantinople to meet in 381? Built on the ideas at the first council, brought peace to most of the church and adopted a creed 8. What concrete additions were made to the Symbol of Faith (Creed) at Constantinople? It was based on the Nicean Creed but without the condemnations of Arius’s teachings, and with expanded section on the Holy Spirit The Resurrection of Christ and Plurality within God 9. Wilken claims that Christian thought about God diverged from both Greek and Hebrew ways of thinking. What ancient author does he use to make this point? Hilary of Poitiers 10. What verse of Scripture so impressed Hilary that he converted to Christianity? 1
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Exodus 3:14- “I am who am” 11. What theological conclusion did Hilary draw from this verse?
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Thl- Chapt 4 questions - ECTGQ4 Name Michael Lepri R.I...

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