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Thl- Chapt 6 questions - ECTGQ6 Name Michael Lepri R.I...

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ECTGQ6 Name Michael Lepri R.I Wilken, Early Christian Thought: Seeking the Face of God Chapter 6: The End Given in the Beginning Guide Questions 1. Which creation story has had the greatest impact on Western Civilization? The creation story from the book of Genesis 2. T.S. Eliot wrote: “In my end is in my beginning and my beginning is in my end.” Would Wilken and Gregory of Nyssa agree? Yes 3. What is the biblical source of the belief that creation is good? In Gensis after anything God creates he says he “saw that it was good” 4. What was the purpose of St. Basil’s series of sermons on creation? The purpose was to guide his listeners from the “creation of what is visible and the beautiful things in the world to the knowledge of the Creator of all things,” according to Gregory of Nyssa 5. What two meanings can the Greek word arche (beginning) and what significance will they have on the phrase “In the beginning . . . ?” Arche can mean beginning and a principle (that can give coherence to the whole) 6. What is the meaning of the phrase: If one is to understand what is seen with the eyes one must first have eyes to see what the eye cannot see?” One must know that the world was not created spontaneously and was brought about by God 7. What is one way that Basil thinks of God as a cause of creation? He says that the world came into being through God’s wisdom and love; There was no naturalism because Genesis says “In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth 8. What differentiates the biblical creation from that proposed by Plato in Timaeus ? Plato thought that there was matter before and that the demiurge took what was there and brought it from a state of disorder into one of order; In Genesis creation was a single divine act where matter was created and knitted together
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Thl- Chapt 6 questions - ECTGQ6 Name Michael Lepri R.I...

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