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Theology 270 Exam 1 essays - Theology 270 Essays: Exam 1 1)...

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Theology 270 Essays: Exam 1 1) Relate the three characteristics of the Christian religion in the introduction to Wilken’s book to sacrament of baptism as it was celebrated in the 5 th century. Inescapably ritualistic o Christianity- baptism is comprised of rituals such as Readings from the Scripture They are the word of God Prayer Time During the Easter Vigil, Sunday Place In the Church o Ex] the Baptistery in Florence The actual ceremony Anointing with oil, plunging of water, candle The process- Baptismal Catechesis o Uncompromisingly Moral- the purpose of baptism Difference between child and creature Catechumens, as part of their instruction, must prove themselves By living a moral life o Before election and through out training Concupiscence- The Human Condition God Believes we are moral to begin with Made in his image and likeness o Unapologetically Intellectual The rite of baptism was a process incorporated to deal with the fact that over time, many people’s motives to become Christian were questionable. In order to become Christian and be baptized, must go through a period of training and learn: o Teachings o Morality o Doctrine
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Christianity = the most intellectual religion 2) How are the effects of baptism expressed in the rite of baptism as celebrated by the Church in the 21 st century? The Effects of Baptism: 1) Cleanses from sin 2) Establishes communion w/ Christ 3) Makes child a member of the church 4) Gives a new identity (Creature Child of God) 5) Begins universal call to holiness Cleanses from sin Exorcism and Annointing o Prayer – asking God to free them for original sin and send the Holy Spirit to dwell in the child. o Anointing with oil of salvation o Laying on of hands (a gesture of sending the Spirit) Establishing Communion w/ Christ The Sacrament o Instruction o Blessing of the water o And plunging of the water Makes child a Member of the Church Anointing w/ Chrism o “As Christ was anointed priest, Prophet and King, so you may live always as members of his body sharing everlasting life” Gives New Identity (Creature Child of God)
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Theology 270 Exam 1 essays - Theology 270 Essays: Exam 1 1)...

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