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Thl- Chapt 5 questions - ECTGQ5 Name Michael Lepri R.L...

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ECTGQ5 Name Michael Lepri R.L. Wilken. Early Christian Thought: Seeking the Face of God Chapter 5: Not My Will But Thine Guide Questions 1. What is the difference between omoiousion and omoousion? Omoiousion is Jesus being of “like substance” with the Father and omoousion means Jesus is the “same substance” as the Father 2. How would Christ be described if he were “omoiousion ” with the Father? He would be described as human, because he is “like” God, made in the image of God 3. How is Christ described since he is omoousion with the Father? He is described as fully God, not an exceptional human being 4. Although Celsus belittled Christians for their disputes, Origen believed these differences indicated a mark of intellectual seriousness 5. What method did the Church use to try to settle disputes on matters of faith or morals? A surfeit of charity and a refined theological perspicacity to savor the melancholy course of disputes 6. Since the Ecumenical Councils of the 4 th century professed that Jesus was fully God, and all Christians believed Jesus to be human, what problem faced the Church in the 5 th century? The problem facing the Church in the 5 th century was deciding in what sense was Christ fully human 7. What event in Christ’s life became central for meditating on his humanity? The “agony of Christ,” or Christ’s petition that the Father remove the cup of suffering from him 8. What are the possibilities for discussing Chris’s will? One must ask the questions: Did Christ have a human will or was his will the will of the eternal Son of God, that is, a divine will? 9. What did the monothelites believe about Christ’s will? They believed that Christ’s will was one will with God 1
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Mary, Mother of God 10. What author and passage of Sacred Scripture seemed to set the parameters of Christian thought on the will of Christ Saint Paul’s letter to the Romans (Rom. 1:1-4) 11. Contrast the thought of the Docetists and the Ebionites regarding Christ’s identity.
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Thl- Chapt 5 questions - ECTGQ5 Name Michael Lepri R.L...

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