Thl- Chapt 10 questions

Thl- Chapt 10 questions - ECTGQ10 Name Michael Lepri R.L...

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ECTGQ10 Name Michael Lepri R.L. Wilken. Early Christian Thought: Seeking the Face of God Chapter 10: Making this Thing Other Guide Questions 1. What practice of the early Christians did their detractors most despise? The practice of early Christians most despised by ancient critics of Christianity was devotion to the dead, especially veneration of the bones of martyrs and Saints 2. Why is it that the early Christians believed that they were in the presence of the deceased saint, even when only in the presence of his or her bones? Because the bones the presence of the holy person no just their bones 3. Why is it so surprising that Gregory of Nyssa should write about the bones of martyrs with such respect, reverence and affection? It is surprising because he calls the bones of the martyrs “truly real” and to touch and kiss the bones was a gift beyond imagining. 4. Why do many people experience such strong feelings when they visit places like Ellis Island, the Vietnam Memorial, or the Holocaust Museum? People experience strong feelings because they are able to stand in the very place where their family members where (Ellis Island) 5. What are “sacramental tokens?” Venerable names- father, son, holy spirit, mystery of regeneration- immersion in the water at baptism, mystic obligation- offering the consecrated bread and wine in the Eucharist 6. What does the Christian mystery become if one thinks it consists solely of doctrinal precision? It becomes a pious fable 7. Because of what event can Christianity posit an intimate relation between material things and the living God? The incarnation Paintings Surpass Words 8. Where does knowledge of spiritual things begin? Seeing 9. How is it that the early Christians could display events from salvation history in paintings? They could all be seen hence they could be painted 1
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10. Were Christians able to build churches before the 4 th century? They were only able to build few places of worship
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Thl- Chapt 10 questions - ECTGQ10 Name Michael Lepri R.L...

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