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Unformatted text preview: THL 270 Test 3 Study Guide PART ONE : 30 multiple choice questions from the Wilken questions (ECT) Chapters we did: 8????????? 9, 10, 11, and 12 PART TWO : Identify ten of the fifteen offered taken from these possibilities The Church as one; • Because of her source which is God • One profession of faith from the apostles • One celebration of divine worship • One by apostolic succession • Literally was one until the confessional splits, orthodoxy (1054) and Protestantism (1517) The Church as catholic; • Christ is present in the Church • Catholic from Pentecost to Parusia (temporal span) • Her Christ given mission is to the entire human race (universal) The Church as holy; • Because of her source, the Holy One • Because of her mission which is to sanctify • The Church on Earth is endowed already with a sanctity The Church as Apostolic • Founded on the apostles in 3 ways o Founded on the testimony of witnesses o Under guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Church protects, passes on and interprets the deposit of faith from the apostles o Under the guidance of the eternal shepherd as well as the shepherds (apostles and bishops) The Church as the New Israel; • Has all the prerogatives and blessings of the Old Israel • God’s chosen people is now the human race not just the Hebrews, it is no longer to a land called Israel it is the whole world, the mission now is to preach repentance, be baptized, and believe, as opposed to enlighten the gentiles, the new Israel awaits the coming of Jesus to judge the living and the dead, the Old Israel waited for the Messiah Prayer according to St. John of Damascus; • If you have both your mind and your heart together the whole person is praying “Our Father”; • Our Father who art in Heaven- we are all brothers and sisters, Abba= Daddy • Hallowed be thy name- blessed be God • Thy kingdom come- subjunctive, wish happiness, peace, social unit, one...
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THL_270_Test_3_Study_Guide-1jessss - THL 270 Test 3 Study...

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