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Exam 1 - Sample Exam 1 STAT 303 Session 201 Summer 2009...

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Sample Exam 1 - STAT 303 Session 201 Summer 2009 Name : UIN : Signature : 1. Do not open this test until told to do so. 2. Turn in your exam with your answers circled when you are done with the exam. You should not take the exam with you. 3. This is a closed book examination. You may use one one-sided sheet of formulas that you have brought with you. You should have no other printed or written material with you on the exam. 4. You have 60 minutes to work on this exam. There are 20 multiple choice questions, each worth 5 points. 5. You may use a calculator but not a phone during the exam. 6. If you are unsure of what a question is asking for, do not hesitate to ask the instructor or course assistant for clarification. 7. Do not sit directly next to another student. 8. Good Luck!!! 1
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1. Boxplots are the best numeric graphs that we have discussed for (a) determining if there are outliers (b) comparing distributions (c) finding the mean (d) All of the above are true. (e) Only two of the above are true. 2. Suppose you are trying to see if there is a linear relationship between the two numerical variables, X and Y . You find that the correlation r = 0.006. What can be concluded from this? 3. Suppose you know that the data you have is normal in shape and the mean, μ = 30, and the standard deviation, σ = 5. Which of the following would you also know?
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