midterm soruları - ATILIM UNIVERSITY...

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ATILIM UNIVERSITY Department of Computer Engineering COMPE 112 Computer Programming in C Instructor: Fügen Selbes Midterm 2 Date: May 5, 2003 Duration: 110 min. Q1(15pts.) What is the output of the following programs? #include <stdio.h> int a=5; void xyz(int a,int *b) { *b=a+*b/3; a=4; printf("%3d%3d\n",a,*b); } void main(void) { int b=9; printf("%3d%3d\n",a,b); int a=12; xyz(b,&a); printf("%3d%3d\n",a,b); } 5 9 4 1 3 1 3 9 #include <stdio.h> int xyz(int a,int *b) { printf("%3d%3d\n",a,*b); *b=a-*b; printf("%3d%3d\n",a,*b); return(2*a); } void main(void) { int x=8,y=15; printf("%3d",xyz(x,&y)); printf("%3d\n",y); } 8 1 5 8 - 7 1 6 - 7 1/5 Name Surname Id Signature Q1(15pts) Q2(30pts) Q3(30pts) Q4(30pts) Total
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Q2.(30 pts.) You are expected to write 3 different functions that will receive two integers and will determine whether the integers are equal to each other or not. a. If the two integers are equal to each other, the function value returned is ‘y’; otherwise it is ‘n’. char equal(int a, int b)
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midterm soruları - ATILIM UNIVERSITY...

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