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Introduction to Capillary Pressure Some slides in this section are modified from NExT PERF Short Course Notes, 1999. However, many of the slides appears to have been obtained from other primary sources that are not cited by NExT. Some slides have a notes section.
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Determine fluid distribution in reservoir (initial conditions) Accumulation of HC is drainage process for water wet reservoirs (max possible HC saturation) S w = function of height above OWC (oil water contact) Determine recoverable oil for water flooding applications Imbibition process for water wet reservoirs Pore Size Distribution Index, λ Absolute permeability (flow capacity of entire pore size distribution) Relative permeability (distribution of fluid phases within the pore size distribution) Reservoir Flow - Capillary Pressure included as a term of flow potential for multiphase flow Input data for reservoir simulation models Applications of Capillary Pressure Data
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