Lec Nov 6th - cf3 -water at 4 degress C has gone highest...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Lec Nov 7 -HF is stronger than H2O b/c greater diff. in electro. -but h20 got a higher boiling bc stronger intermolecular forces - -know the sheet abt force, energy, e.g LF plays a major role than dipolar forces CF3 of BrF3 which got a higher b.p? BrF3 b/c larger molecules and dipolar nature
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Unformatted text preview: cf3 -water at 4 degress C has gone highest density-ice is less dense than lo, thats y ice floats-ice bad conductor -d up , v down-b.p is temp at the vapour equal to external pressure -h bonding in alcohol-78.4 9 rem-internuclear distances (pm) wave eqn vespr hyb. atomic structure...
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