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Lec Oct 6 - -not expected to know f oribtials(7 fold...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Things to know for Chem -know to how to dervie equation for wave theory -HY=EY -should have a definite vaules -learn how to dxy oribitals wave theory slide 5 -oribtial spherical in nature, no angular component, only r component - p oribitasl, angular component no need to know by heart -p ob is a plot of an equation slide 8 - 5 oritbital - word for equal energy: degenerate oritibal means of oribitals of the same energy.
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Unformatted text preview: -not expected to know f oribtials (7 fold degenerate) 7 ob of equal energy-each ob can hold 2e- of opp. spin-n can take values 1-5-l can take values 0-3-ml can take values -2 to 0 y r they fixed?-the reason is quantamechanic reason-l value for n is 0-higher n the value, higher the enregy rem cartoon-4s comes first and is removed first 3d comes 2nd and is safe, not removed...
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