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Sheet1 Page 1 Chem Lec Oct 20th Hybtridization of atomic oribitals -VSPER theory explains the shape of molecs. -to form an covalent bond, you need unpaired e- -carbon can a mocule CH2 -carbon w/h H is CH4 (mostly formed)--more bonds than CH2 therefore more energy is released -mglc2 why no mgcl? -b/c to get mg2+ you need more energy, can form a stable bond with H -to get mgcl2+ you need spend more energy -how much is needed and how much energy is released should be equal -hydbrization comes from math org. (wave mechanics) 1s (2s) wave function and p (2p) function to give 4 orbi. of equvalent energy. -dun wry abt slide 6 Structure of C2H6 -4 hybrized orb. 3 of them form bonds w/h H, one is free!! they check each other and combine.
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Unformatted text preview: ..carbon-carbon bond---sigma bond (CH3 + CH3)-sigma bond the e- den. is b/w the atoms- cyclindral sym. b/w the 2 atoms-confirmation is diff. arragnements of atoms that result frim rotation about ta single bond (e.g up or down---poss. abt the C bond can rotated b.c of cyclnd.sym).-staggered is more stable b/c they r farther apart as comp. to eclipsed.-the thermal eng. can be converted to one form to another Strucute of H2C=CH2-1s and 2p will hybidrize-3 orb. r hybrize to from sp2---the shape is trigonal planar-1 sigma and 1 pi (misconfusion)-2 lines rep. to 2 bons (1 sg and 1 pi)-5 sg . and 1pi (whole molcs) C2H2-the molc. has a linear shape-one C-C sg. bond and -sp...
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