BIO152 Goals & Objectives

BIO152 Goals & Objectives - BIO152 Course Goals and...

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Course description “The scientific method and the modern theory of evolution provide this introduction to biology. The principles of evolution, transmission and evolutionary genetics are developed through lectures, tutorials, and laboratories.” Course Themes 1. Science is a way of knowing : the scientific method is the process used to uncover principles of our physical world; science differs from other ways of thinking. 2. Biology is a science . Biological principles have been developed from the scientific method and are continually being tested and modified as new information is uncovered. 3. Evolution is the unifying theme and foundation of biology. Strong and repeated evidence via the scientific method shows that all organisms are related through a common ancestor; change has accumulated through time resulting in descent with modification. 4. Natural selection is the most important process affecting evolution . Natural selection acts on variability of inherited traits which affect survival and reproduction of individuals. 5. Genetics explains how natural selection works. Genetics is the study of inheritance and explains how variability is generated, distributed, and maximized (or minimized). Course Goals 1. Study evolution and derived principles through the application of the scientific method. 2. Appreciate the experimental basis of biology through laboratory exercises and by studying classic experiments to uncover principles in evolution, natural selection, 3. Learn how evolution happens: adaptive evolution by natural selection and neutral evolution by genetic drift. 4. Learn about the pattern and process of inheritance to appreciate the origin and maintenance of variation through time. 5.
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BIO152 Goals & Objectives - BIO152 Course Goals and...

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