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ACCT251CA5-6Sol - CA 5-6 Date President Kappeler CEO...

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CA 5-6 Date President Kappeler, CEO Kappeler Corporation 125 Wall Street Middleton, Kansas 67458 Dear Mr. Kappeler: I have good news and bad news about the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2010. The good news is that net income of $100,000 is close to what we predicted in the strategic plan last year, indicating strong performance this year. The bad news is that the cash balance is seriously low. Enclosed is the Statement of Cash Flows, which best illustrates how both of these situations occurred simultaneously. If you look at the operating activities, you can see that no cash was generated by operations due to the increase in accounts receivable and inventory and reduction in accounts payable. In effect, these events caused net cash flow provided by operating activities to be lower than net income; they reduced your cash balance by $116,000. The corporation made significant investments in equipment and land. These were paid from cash reserves. These purchases used 75% of the company’s cash. In addition, the redemption
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