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Unformatted text preview: nimal __difference__ needed to detect a s timulus __change__; also called the __just noticeable difference (JN D)__. __change__ __just Understanding Sensation : Sensory Adaptation Sensation Sensory A daptation __Sensory Adaptation__: decreased sensory __response__ t o continuous s timulation __Gate-Control Theory of Pain__: Pain perception depends partly on w hether the __neural message__ gets past a “ __gatekeeper__” in the spinal __neural cord. How We See and Hea r: Waves of L ight and Sound Both light and sound move in __waves__. __waves__ __Light__ is a form of electromagnetic energy. Many types of electromagnetic __Light__ waves form the __electromagnetic spectrum__. __electromagnetic __Sound__ waves a re produced when an impact or __vibration__ causes a w aves sudden change in __air pressure__ __air How We See: The Electromagnetic Spectrum ( In Book) How We See: L ight Waves L ight waves vary in: __Length__ (Wavelength), which determines frequency (hue or color) __Length__ __Height__ (Amplitude), which determines brightness or in tensity __Complexity__ (Range), which determines saturation __Complexity__ How We See: Anatomy of the Eye The eye captures light and focuses it on receptors on the __retina__, where it __retina__ is converted to __neural signals__. __neural Small abnormalities in the eyeball...
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