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Decibels chronic exposure to loud noise can cause

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Unformatted text preview: ent __deafness__, __Chronic __deafness__ as can diseases and biological changes associated with aging Our Other Senses: Olfaction (Sense of Smell) Receptors for smell are embedded in the nasal membrane (the __olfactory __olfactory epithelium__) e pithelium__ Our Other Senses: Gustation (Sense of Taste) Smell and taste are closely related Receptors for taste are __taste buds__, located in __papillae__ on the __taste surface of the tongue Our Other Senses: The Th ree Body Senses The __skin senses__ i nvolve three skin sensations: __touch__ (or pressure), __temperatu re__, and __pain__. __temperatu __pain__. Receptors for these __sensations__ occur in various __concentrations__ __concentrations__ and __depths__ i n the skin Our Other Senses: The Th ree Body Senses The __vestibular sense__ (sense of balance) involves the __vestibular __vestibular sacs__ and __semicircular canals__ located within the inner ear When the vestibular sense becomes confused, motion sickness can occur Our Other Senses: The Th ree Body Senses __Kinesthesia__ p rovides the brain with information about posture and __Kinesthesia__ movement __Kinesthetic receptors__ a re located in muscles, joints, and tendons __Kinesthetic Understanding Perception: I llusions U nderstanding ___Illusions__: false or misleading __perceptions_ t hat help scientists s tudy normal processes of perception Consider the __Muller-Lyer illusion_, shown her...
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