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J udge depth perception involves both binocular two

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Unformatted text preview: ing Perception: Organization Understanding ___Form Perception____ p rinciples of form perception : ___Form form _______Figure and ground___________ _______Figure Proximity _______Continuity___________ _______Continuity___________ Closure _________Simila rity_________ _________Simila Contiguity _________Perceptual Constancy_________: perceiving the environment as remaining the same even with changes in sensory input Four constancies: __________Size________ __________Size________ _____________Shape_____ _____________Shape_____ _____________Color_____ ___________Brightness______ T wo binocular depth cues: Retinal Disparity : because the distance between our eyes, different images fall on each retina. Convergence: T he closer the object, the more our eyes are tu rned inward. C an you identify these six monocular depth cues in the photo at r ight? Linear Perspective I n te rposition Relative Size Texture Gradient Aerial Perspective Light and shadow Two correct theories o...
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