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Neural small abnormalities in the eyeballs shape cause

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Unformatted text preview: s shape cause problems with vision, such as __nearsightedness__ and __farsightedness__. __nearsightedness__ __farsightedness__ How We See: The Retina Receptors for vision (__rods and cones__) are located in the __retina__. __retina__ The __fovea__, a pit filled with cones, is responsible for our sharpest vision __fovea__ The __blind spot__, near the __fovea__, has no visual receptors __blind __fovea__ How We Hea r: Sound Waves Sound waves vary in: __Length__ (Wavelength), which determines pitch (highness or lowness) __Length__ __Height__ (Amplitude), which determines loudness (intensity of the __Height__ sound). __Complexity__ (Range), which determines timbre __Complexity__ How We Hea r: Anatomy of the Ea r Structures of the outer and middle ear gather and focus sound waves, conducting them to the __cochlea__ __cochlea__ Receptors for hearing are __hair cells__ i n the __cochlea__ __cochlea__ How We Hea r: Loudness The __loudness__ of a sound is measured in __decibels__. __decibels__ __Chronic Exposure__ to loud noise can cause perman...
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