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Tudy normal processes of perception consider the

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Unformatted text preview: e. Which vertical line __Muller-Lyer appears longer? Why? Understanding Perception: Overview Three basic perceptual processes: 1) 2) 3) __Selection__: attending to some _sensory_ w hile ignoring __others__ __others__ __Organization__: assembling information into __patte rns__ __patte t hat help us understand the world __Interp retation__ : how the brain explains __sensation__ __sensation__ Understanding Perception: Selection Selection involves: ______Selective Attention____________ ( fil tering out ______Selective ___________unimportant_______ sensory messages) ___________unimportant_______ ________Featu re detectors__________ (specialized ________Featu ________neurons__________ t hat respond only to certain __________________information) __________________ _______Habituation___________ (brain’s tendency to ignore _______Habituation___________ __________environmental________ factors that remain constant) Understanding Perception: Organization We _______organize___________ sensory information in terms of: _________Form_________ _________Form_________ __________Constancy________ __________Constancy________ ______Depth____________ ______Depth____________ ________Color__________ ________Color__________ D epth Perception: Ability to perceive three dimensional space and accurately A bility judge distance j udge Depth Perception involves both binocular (two eyes) and monocular (one eye) cues. U nderstand...
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