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Learning, Memory, and the Brain Ch 2, 6, 7. Review Pink bus memory task Last week you witnessed a traffic accident. Can you recall what color car the pink bus hit? Do you remember if the bus drove up on the sidewalk? Take home: False memories are easy to make! Neuroplasticity and Learning ______________London Taxicab_____________ study Cab drivers’ ____________grey matter_______________ (neuron synapses) in the _____________hippocampus______________ enlarged to help them store a mental map of the city. The volume of the __________hippocampus_________________ grew ____________larger_______________ as cabbies _____________spent______________ more time on the job. Memory and the Brain __________H.M._________________ Treated for ____________epilepsy_______________ disorder in ________1953___________________ Removed part of ____________temporal lobes_______________ lobes & ____________hippocampus_______________ Suffered severe _____________ anterograde ______________ amnesia ___________Working memory________________ and _____________procedural memory______________ were intact Could not commit new knowledge to ____________long-term memory_______________ Memory and the Brain ___________Morris Water Maze________________ Behavioral task designed to measure __________spatial memory_________________ What happens in the ______________water maze_____________ when the rat’s _____________hippocampus______________ is surgically removed? Stay the same
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Thinking, Language, and Intelligence Chapter 8 Lecture Overview Thinking Language Intelligence The Intelligence Controversy Chapter Introduction _____________Thinking, language, and intelligence_____ __ are often studied under the larger topic of __________cognition_________________ ( mental activities involved in acquiring, storing, retrieving, and using knowledge). Thinking ___________Cognitive building blocks________________ Thinking processes are distributed ___________throughout the brain________________, especially the ___________frontal lobe________________. Thinking—Cognitive Building Blocks ______________Mental Image_____________: mental ___________representation _______________ of a previously stored _____________sensory experience______________, including visual, auditory, etc. Thinking—Cognitive Building Blocks (Concepts)
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Chapter_8_Handout - Learning Memory and the Brain Ch 2 6 7...

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