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Home-assignment 4 Key Answer Stat 320 Friday, March 11, 2005 Due Wednesday March 16, 2005 National Football League The following data were obtained from Jim Feist’s professional Football Annual (1999 Preview) and refer to the 1998 National Football League (NFL) season: 1. Wins (WINS) 2. X 1 net yards rushing (RUSH) 3. X 2 passes attempted (PASS) 4. X 3 passes completed(PCOMP) 5. X 4 passes attempted (PATT) 6. X 5 passes intercepted(PINT) 7. X 6 fumbles lost(FUMBLE) 8. X 7 fumbles by opponents(FUMBOPP) 9. X 8 net rushing yards allowed(RUSHOPP) 10. X 9 net passing yards allowed(PASSOPP) 11. X 10 passes attempted by opponents(PATTOPP) 12. X 11 passes completed by opponents(PCOMPOPP) 13. X 12 passes intercepts by opponents (PIOPP) The dependent variable is the number of wins (WINS) for the season. The other variables are to be considered possible explanatory variables. The data for the 30 NFL teams are shown in Table NFL.JMP 1. Your NFL team is interested in what makes a winning season. You have gathered the data on various offensive and defensive statistics. Your job is to try to determine which combination of the variables provides the best explanation of what makes a
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nfl8 - Home-assignment 4 Stat 320 Friday, March 11, 2005...

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