Chihuly - Wrapped in Tradition Chihuly Native American...

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Wrapped in Tradition: Chihuly Native American Trade Blankets by Kyla Hills GenEd 110.21 Freshmen Focus Native American trade blankets were very important to the history of Native American and North American contact. Native Americans saw a change in the materials they used as they became influenced by North Americans. They adopted new materials and designs from the North American culture such as glass beads, buttons, floral designs, woolen clothes, printed cottons, satin, and brass bells. But both cultures adapted and sold these blankets to each other, inspired but what each culture saw from each other. Many white merchants began to manufacture Native American blankets because they saw an opportunity for profit since the Native Americans would purchase these blankets from them. In the 1880's, the Racine Woolen Mill began producing these blankets. The exhibit mentioned that although the white people sent the Native American's to reservations, or what they called the "road to civilization," the white people also lamented the "vanishing Indian." Native Americans today still wear and exchange trade blankets. These blankets are said to
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Chihuly - Wrapped in Tradition Chihuly Native American...

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