Capa11 - 1[1 point 10 tries Two identical sinusoidal waves...

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1 . [1 point, 10 tries] Two identical sinusoidal waves with wavelengths of 2.82 m travel in the same direction at a speed of 1.27 m/s. The second wave originates from the same point as the first, but at a later time. Determine the minimum possible time interval between the starting moments of the two waves if the amplitude of the resultant wave is the same as that of each of the two initial waves. Answer: 7.40e-01 s 7 2 . [1 point, 10 tries] A 0.0145 kg, 2.19 m long wire is fixed at both ends and vibrates in its simplest mode under a tension of 195 N. When a tuning fork is placed near the wire, a beat frequency of 5.00 Hz is heard. What are the possible frequencies of the tuning fork? (enter the smaller frequency first) Answer: 3.42E+01 Hz 4.42E+01 Hz 7 3 . [1 point, 10 tries] Two loudspeakers are placed on a wall 2.39 m apart. A listener stands 3.06 m from the wall directly in front of one of the speakers. The speakers are being driven by a single oscillator at a frequency of 348 Hz. What is the phase difference between the two waves then they reach the observer? Take the speed of sound as 343 m/s. Answer: 5.24e+00 rad 7 4 . [1 point, 10 tries] What is the frequency closest to 348 Hz to which the oscillator may be adjusted such that the observer hears minimal sound? Answer: 2.08e+02 Hz 7 5 . [1 point, 10 tries] Two speakers are driven by the same oscillator with frequency of 216 Hz. They are located 4.04 m apart on a vertical pole. A man really far away walks straight toward the lower speaker in a direction perpendicular to the pole, as shown in the figure.
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Capa11 - 1[1 point 10 tries Two identical sinusoidal waves...

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