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BUAD 307 Written Assignment #1 to be done in Groups Instructions and Cover Sheet Group Number • Name Kalb Group Section Group Members Number Name in Alphabetic Order by Last Name 1. Analyze the iPhone Touch ad per the UMS and 7BBs. 2. Fill in each item 1 through 50. Each numbered item is worth 1/5 of a point. 3 Please staple and collate before you hand it in. 1
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BUAD 307 Written Assignment #1 to be done in Groups Answer Sheet iPhone Touching is Believing AD Solution Table  Please leave the numbers for reference and your answers  in blue. Building Block or UMS Function Yes/No Good/Bad Reasons based on Marketing Concepts — not personal opinions Headline Main Points? (Y/N) 1 No 2 The main points are not clear. It uses a play on words on a phrase many  know — seeing is believing. Those that read and remember the headline  and view the photo will know it has something to do with a touch screen. Hook? (Y/N) 3 Maybe 4 The lack of information might prompt the reader to search for me. 5 Positioning
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HW3B•AnswersiPhone - BUAD 307 Written...

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