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Special Topic _2•Color - 1 CREATING...

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1 CREATING MARKETING & ADVERTISING THAT SELLS Special Topic #2 • COLOR General 1. Color has a cultural component. • Safe choices are the colors in the country or organization’s flag. • Do your homework ask people from that culture. 2. Color has a psychological component. 3. Color is somewhat personal because of the different sight abilities of individuals in every audience. 4. Color has an experiential component. • Some people prefer, or hate, the colors of their school. • Some people love/hate colors of other cultures, countries, and political movements which have had a positive or negative impact on them. 5. Color also can follow trends . Some colors are classic and are always safe to use. Others are trendy and can only be used during the period in which they are “in style” The psychology of color relates to concepts of gender identity, style, type of product, function, and variety of other physical and psychological factors which should be considered.
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Special Topic _2•Color - 1 CREATING...

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