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DREXEL UNIVERSITY PHIL 315 Paper on the USS Vincennes Disaster Analysis Submitted to Dr. Mark Manion On 24 th May, 2007 By Vinay Gadia
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The analysis of USS Vincennes case reveals that the sum of organizational system, socio-cultural and more inherently technical and human factors set the stage for this incident. The organizational system was not very competent and did not set high standards of cautionary measures. At individual levels, there were many psychological factors, overlooking of responsibilities, and lack of proper training and communication became components which contributed to the disaster. The incident involved errors from personnel at every level of the organization. Starting from the bottom of the organization, IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) operators failed to move the search gate for IFF signals. This lead the signal detection system to pick up the Mode II signals. Moreover, anti-aircraft officers misinterpreted the blip on their display to indicate that 655 aircraft was ascending and descending. This chain of misinformation proceeded from low level operators to the TAO (Tactical Operations Officer). The high reliability of the TAO on his subordinates, made the TAO to escalate it to Captain Rogers. With his powers and authority, Captain Rogers immediately gave an order to shoot down
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Phil - DREXEL UNIVERSITY PHIL 315 Paper on the USS...

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