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Personal Identity - Personal Identity What Am I D escartes...

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Personal Identity What Am I? D escartes says : I am a thinking immaterial thing. You cease being when you are no longer cogitating. When you cease thinking you do not become a non-thinking substance, you are nothing. You cease to be when you cease thinking. However, this leaves the possibility that when your body dies you still exist (but you have no sensory experience, and imagination). It is also possible that you cease thinking when your body dies. (You can have an intermittent existence) Locke: -English -One of the most famous philosophers of the Englightenment. -Investigating the notion of Identity -under what conditions does a thing persist? - if it has the same beginning its one thing. If stuff A and stuff B have the same beginning they are one in the same. If stuff A and stuff B have different beginnings they are distinct. -Physical Matter: Whatever hunk of matter occupies the same space at the same time it is the same thing. One thing cannot be in two places at once and two things cannot be in the same thing as the same time. -Plants: The conditions under which a hunk of matter is the same differ from the conditions under which a plant is the same. TF a plant is not the same as matter. Identity conditions for a plant: A sapling can turn into a tree by becoming a completely different collection of matter, but it is still the same plant. -As long as it’s the same life, the parts working together to sustain life, it’s the same plant. People
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- if a person is a thinking intelligible being, under what conditions does a conscious rational thing continue to exist? -
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Personal Identity - Personal Identity What Am I D escartes...

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