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15815260-Chemistry-Form-5 - CHEMISTRY Form 5 Chapter 1 Rate...

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CHEMISTRY Form 5 Chapter 1: Rate Of Reaction What is rate of reaction? -the speed which the reacyanys are converted into product in a chemical reaction Formula? Rate Of Reaction = amount of reactant used u p Time taken Rate Of Reaction = amount of product formed Time taken Terms? -For Rate Of Reaction __ High __Low -For Reaction__Fast __ Slow Observable Changes And Measuring -Volume Of Gas Liberated -Precipitate Formation -Change In Mass During The Reaction -Colour Change -Temperature Change - Pressure Change Rate Of Reaction? -Average Rate Of Reaction – The average value of rate of reaction within a specified period of time Example; 5g of Magnesium Ribbon is completely burned in 2 seconds. Calculate the average rate of reaction.
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Time(s) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Volume Of Gas(cm 3 ) 0 30 50 65 75 75 75 Solution Average Rate Of Reaction = 7 5 40 =1.875cm 3 s -1 5 Factor Affecting Rate Of Reaction -Total Surface Area Of Solid Reactant When a fixed mass of solid reactant, the smaller size of the reactant, the higher will be the total surface exposed area. Thus the higher will be the
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