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midterm 1 study guide - MGMT 290D Midterm Thursday October...

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Unformatted text preview: MGMT 290D Midterm: Thursday October 1 STUDY GUIDE Chapter 1: Getting Started With Alice Chapter Summary:- The user story describes the behavior of a computer program.- Storyboard-sketches indicate the appearance of each of the programs scenes.- T ransition diagrams relate the storyboard-sketches to one another- A flow or algorithm provides a concise summary of the user story. Key Terms:- Algorithm- Bounding box- Bug- Class- Concurrent execution- Debugging- Flow- Function- Message- Method- Object- Orientation- Point of view- Position- Pose- Property- Sequential execution- Simultaneous execution- Software design- Software engineering- Software implementation- Software testing- Statement- Storyboard-sketches- User story Chapter 2: Methods Chapter Summary:- World level methods lets us divide an Alice program into scenes and shots- The divide-and-conquer approach can simplify problem solving- Class-level methods let us define new behaviors for an object- We can reuse a class-level method in a world other than the one where we defined it- Control camera movement using dummies and the setPointOfView() message- In a 3D world, an objects position determines where the object is located in the world; its orientation is the objects combined pitch, roll, and yaw; and its point of view is its combined...
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midterm 1 study guide - MGMT 290D Midterm Thursday October...

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