M290D syllabus - Fall 2009 Course Syllabus Course: MGMT...

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1 Fall 2009 Course Syllabus Course: MGMT 29000-004 Course Title: Programming for Business Applications Time: TTH 10:30-11:45 am Place: KRAN 250 Instructor: Matthew Hashim Instructor Office: KRAN 412 Instructor Email: mhashim@purdue.edu Instructor Phone: 494-4396 Office Hours: TTH 1:30 – 3:30 PM and By Appointment Course Website: Available on Blackboard at www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/blackboard/ Course Coordinator: Dr. Jackie Rees Coordinator Office: RAWL 4037 Coordinator Email: jrees@purdue.edu Coordinator Phone: 494-0320 Required Textbook: Alice in Action with Java , Joel Adams, Thomson Course Technology, Boston, MA 2008 Software: Alice is available at www.alice.org and the Eclipse Java environment is available at www.eclipse.org/downloads/ . Both applications are installed in KRAN 250 and KRAN 742 but you might find working at home or on your laptop more convenient outside of class. Hardware: USB drive for backing up your work frequently. This is critical as this is a lab-based class and the course schedule will be followed regardless of the availability of network resources. Course Goals: This course will cover the fundamentals of business rules and logic in a business application development context. We will acquire these skills using computer programming. Computer programming is similar to writing a play or a movie script. We will use the Alice environment in learning these skills. We will then use a modern programming language such as Java to reinforce logical concepts like abstraction, process flow, variable assignment, and control structures, as well as proper programming and application development practices, including documentation.
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2 Topics Covered: Introduction to business rules and application development Flowcharts and process flows Using data and variables Arithmetic operators and data types Programming logic and control structures Data structures Pseudocode and documentation Procedures and functions Iteration Objects Classes and inheritance User interface design Application development Evaluation: 10% Citizenship Class engagement, participation 10% Quizzes 12 quizzes 40% Lab Assignments 9 lab assignments 40% Exams 20% for Midterm Exam; 20% for Final Exam
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M290D syllabus - Fall 2009 Course Syllabus Course: MGMT...

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