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Class6 - More problems

Class6 - More problems - EXERCISE 14-21(a No The gain...

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EXERCISE 14-21 (a) No. The gain recorded by Bradtke is not equal to the loss recorded by Firstar Bank under the debt restructuring agreement. (You will see why this happens in the following four exercises.) In response to this “accounting asymmetry” treatment, the FASB stated that Statement No. 114 does not address debtor accounting because the FASB was concerned that expansion of the scope of the statement would delay its issuance. (b) No. There is no gain under the modified terms because the total future cash flows after restructuring exceed the total pre-restructuring carrying amount of the note (principal): Total future cash flows after restructuring are: Principal $1,600,000 Interest ($1,600,000 X 10% X 3) 480,000 $2,080,000 Total pre-restructuring carrying amount of note (principal): $2,000,000
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(c) The interest payment schedule is prepared as follows: BRADTKE COMPANY INTEREST PAYMENT SCHEDULE AFTER DEBT RESTRUCTURING EFFECTIVE-INTEREST RATE 1.4276% Date Cash Paid (10%) Interest Expense (1.4276%) Reduction of Carrying Amount Carrying Amount of Note 12/31/07 $2,000,000 12/31/08 $160,000
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