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Liang 1 Victor Liang Mr. Perlman English 10H, Period 4 May 7, 2009 “The Merchant of Venice” Performance Actor as Shylock Place and Year Critical Acclaim 1. Thomas Doggett Theater in Lincoln's Inn Fields, London in 1701 He modeled performance on moneylenders. 2. George Frederick Cooke London in 1800, and 1803-04 Cooke had malicious facial expressions and expressed gloominess. 3. Edmund Kean Drury Lane in 1814 Kean wore black instead of red wig, and acted as energetic Shylock. 4. Henry Irving Lyceum Theatre, London in 1879 Irving showed his scorn and
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Unformatted text preview: rage and looked down at Europeans with calmness. 5. George C. Scott Joseph Papp's production for the New York Shakespeare Festival, 1962 Instead of portraying Shylock as a villain or victim, Scott portrayed Shylock as a paranoid and persecuted man. 6. Laurence Olivier Jonathan Miller's National Theatre, 1970 Olivier expressed Shylock's anguish as he leaves the courteroom in the play. 7. Michael Redgrave Stratford-upon-Avon in 1953 Redgrave added heavy accents to Shylock's speech....
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